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We here at Good As Gold wanted to try and do something to help in these difficult and testing times, so lead by Matt Hughes, we are creating bespoke 90(ish) minute playlists on Spotify for anyone, of any style/genre/vibe/mood/feeling/idea. These are being put together daily in return for a (minimum) £10 donation to the incredible Trussell Trust Foundation, which helps support a network of food banks across the UK to provide emergency food to people in crisis.


We can also help get playlists made by musicians, radio DJs, presenters and other amazing humans within the music industry - more on that soon.

ALL you need to do is either fill in the form at the bottom of this page (or tweet @devilmatt direct), send it of with your name, email address and requested playlist (best summer rock bangs, 70's psych mix, best of Nine Inch Nails, dream Download line up...WHATEVER) and Matt will email you back and tweet a link as well. Simple!


We are creating playlists in aid of The Trussell Trust.


Day 1: Start Slow End Big

Day 2: Trip Hoppers Delight

Day 3: Best of British (metalcore)

Day 4: Hipster laid back

Day 5: Metal / Rock with Orchestras (NOT orchestral metal)

Day 6: Riffs from new artists (rock, punk, metal)

Day 7: Dream 2000 Trees

Day 8: Dream ArcTanGent

Day 9: Songs to test headphones with

Day 10: Best of British Bands that should have been bigger

Day 11: Sunset Songs

Day 12: Gut Wrenching touche / birds in a row

Day 13: Wedding (90's)

Day 14: Wedding (Grunge)

Day 15: Tony Hawkwind


Thanks for submitting!

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