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"Matt and Hayley, independently, are two of the best PR’s out there. They are also two of the best humans out there. Them coming together? Sounds like a powerhouse to me. Hire them right now. What are you waiting for? Right now, go!"


Joey Simrn


"I’ve worked with the Directors for many years, both on the press side and as a label, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. They are dedicated and passionate about the artists they work with, and are a fundamentally important part of every campaign."


Ben Patashnik

UNFD Records

"For over a decade we have had a wonderful working relationship with their previous companies. Throughout the years, they have been working with some of our biggest artists and doing an absolutely great job. Needless to say, we are very excited about them joining forces and starting a joint company - it’s a match made in heaven! We love them and their team, and can’t wait to work with them more in the future."


Alma Lilic

Epitaph Records

"Matt and Hayley have been an integral part of 2000trees and ArcTanGent for many years now and are a big part of the ongoing success of the festival. Not only is their PR work second to none, but they are also an invaluable sounding board to me on line up booking decisions. We 100% couldn’t do it without them!"


James Scarlett

2000 Trees / Arctangent Festivals

“Over the years we’ve worked with them across too many amazing bands to mention. Both have always been really professional in every instance and always a pleasure to work with. We wish them all the best for their new venture together and look forward to working with them on loads of great artists going forward.”



Hassle Records

"They have become an intrinsic part of the team on a wide variety of projects. Their enthusiasm, passion and dedication is second to none, going above and beyond for us as the client and the artists we represent together."


Clare Maxwell

Director of Marketing/Concord Recordings

"Integrity, dedication, passion – they're qualities that underpin everything about the way Matt and Hayley work. There is no greater credit to give them than by acknowledging that the world's greatest rock media brand couldn't operate on the same level without their invaluable assistance. To work with them is to know the job is getting done, and getting done brilliantly!"


Sam Coare

Alternative Press (AP)

"Good As Gold have led me through doors I thought were sealed shut...if you'd have told me a few years ago the kind of coverage I would come to expect as standard I wouldn't have believed you"


"I've always really enjoyed working with both Matt and Hayley separately... and now they're teaming up, which can only be great news for both the artists they represent and the outlets they work with day in, day out. Working everything from bands launching their first single to some of the biggest artists in music, they believe in their artists, are great to deal with, proactive, respectful, enthusiastic, creative... everything a publicist needs to be. Add in the fact they're straight-up nice people and still create spectacular things that benefit both bands and publications, and they're an asset to any band's team."


Andy Biddulph

Rock Sound Magazine

"Two of the greats collide. It’s fantastic to see two such fantastic companies building their reach with this merger. Both run by people who not only understand the fundamental importance of PR but do it with a humanist and ethical approach. I couldn’t be more excited to see what the future brings."


Jamie Osman

Red Light Management + Easy Life Records

"I am really excited about the new company. Hayley has worked for Rise Records for 14 years now & is an extension of the Rise team. Our global presence wouldn’t be what it is, if not for her.  We can't wait to see what they do with Good As Gold"


Sean Heydorn

Rise Records

"We've been working with Hayley for ten years and she's been largely responsible for the growth of our entire roster in the UK. She's been with us since our infancy and will continue to be our PR for Pure Noise as long as she's willing to put up with us. I couldn't recommend her and her services enough."


Jacob Round

Pure Noise Records

"Devil PR and Little Press are two of our most trusted allies and have been behind the artists involved in some of my favourite Metal Hammer covers. I couldn't be more excited at the idea of them coming together for the greater good."


Merlin Alderslade

Metal Hammer

"I’ve worked with Matt and Hayley on some of my favourite work for years now and they’ve supported me as a journalist since I started. Dynamic, upbeat and with a sense of humour, they’ve always pitched me artists I’ve enjoyed and made me invested in their story. They’ve taken chances on online journalism at Noisey/VICE and helped bring the rock world to a new audience. Always very collected and on the ball, they make sure every interview, shoot and press trip goes smoothly so everyone gets their best work on every occasion. I genuinely love working with them!"


Hannah Ewens

Rolling Stone Magazine

"Having worked with Matt and Hayley for as long as I can remember, they’ve always been at the very top tier of engaging, helpful and enthusiastic evangelists for their artists. In an industry where quite often you can see publicists going through the motions and sticking to a template, their passion for their charges shines through, and when it comes to organising coverage there are none better, more helpful or eager to deliver what we need. They’ve both long stood as not only capable professional colleagues, but also peers and a genuine marker of quality in terms of the clients they work with. Now they’re finally teaming up, that’s only going to grow further."


Stephen Aykroyd

Upset / Dork 

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